Walking Wednesdays

Start a walk to school program at your school!

walkingwednesday_stickerWalking Wednesdays is an easy way get started. It’s an informal program that encourages kids and families to walk to school one day a week. You don’t need a lot of lot of resources or extra work – just some time to make a plan, communicate with parents, and cheer the kids on!

Some ideas to get started

  • Use backpack mail, newsletters, email, and text messages to spread the word.
  • Hold an assembly or rally to get kids fired up and share safety information.
  • Incentivize students with stickers, prizes, special privileges etc.

BikeWalkKC can help with templates for stickers, banners, punch cards, and more!

Walking Wednesdays at Hazel Grove in KCK

Walking Wednesdays at Hazel Grove in KCK

Take the next step
Once your school community gets excited about Walking Wednesdays and momentum builds, you can take the next step by establishing Walking School Buses.